Basic skills

Skating is the skill that makes this type of Hockey unique and is something that players at all levels of the sport continually strive to improve. Without adequate skating ability, both forward and backward, players are less able to perform the other essential skills of the sport.

Stick handling (or puck handling) is perhaps the most difficult of the basic skills to master. It allows a skilled player to move around opponents, to defend their territory better and create more offensive opportunities.

Passing is what makes Hockey a true team sport and helps make the game fun. Passing gets everyone on the playing surface involved in the action and turns scoring into a team effort. Helping team-mates experience success is what the game is all about, and passing allows the thrill of scoring to be shared. continuous and regular practice helps improve this skill.

Shooting is the end result of offensive team play and is the action which produces a goal. Many players spend most of the time practicing shooting because they believe scoring is the most fun. Players should, however, place an equal emphasis on the other basic skills of Hockey. In order to become the best hockey player they can be.